Puzzle Game Mechanics

The gameplay in Lily’s Garden is a blast-type puzzle game, where the main gameplay objective is to collect all objectives in a level within a given movelimit. An example of how a typical level looks like is shown below:

Gameboard with description

Here, the objective is to collect the 25 dandelion within 25 moves. In order to collect items, the player must attack said board pieces by either tapping on an adjacent cluster (2+) of same color basic pieces or use power pieces.

Later in the game, power pieces must be used to complete the goal. Power pieces, which will be described in more detail later, are created by matching 5+ basic pieces, as shown below where a bomb power piece is created:

Bomb creation

Board pieces

Basic pieces

Basic pieces can be destroyed by tapping on a cluster of at least two. By tapping 5 or more, different power pieces can be created:

Number Power piece created
5-7 Vertical/horizontal rocket
8-9 Bomb
10+ Flask

Power pieces

Power pieces can be combined to create more powerful effects. Below is shown what happens when a flask and rocket is combined:

Power piece combination

Power piece Area attacked Description
Rocket 13 x 1 | 1 x 9 Attacks whole row/column.
Bomb 3 x 5 + 5 x 3 Attacks in a circle around bomb.
Flask n Attacks all n basic pieces of one color on the board.
Rocket + rocket 13 x 1 + 1 x 9 Attacks whole row AND column, regardless of previous rocket direction.
Rocket + bomb 13 x 3 | 9 x 3 Instead of only attacking a single row/column, attacks 3 whole rows/columns.
Bomb + bomb 7 x 7 Bigger explosion.
Flask + rocket/bomb ~All Replaces all same color basic tiles with random rocket/bomb. Typically enough to win level.
Flask + flask 13 x 9 Attacks the whole board.

Other board pieces

</tr> </tr> </table>
Image Name [tutorial level] Game Id Channels Additional information
blockerwithgravity Dandelion (1hp) [26] PopCorn 8, 15, 21, 22 Blocker with gravity.
BlockerWithGravityDispenser Dandelion spawner(1hp) BlockerWithGravityDispenser 8, 18, 21, 22 Spawns a daffodil anywhere on the board when matched next to.
drop Seedbag (1hp) [21] Milk 8, 15 Get to bottom of map to collect it.
megadrop Box of Seedbags (1hp) [27] MegaDrop 8, 15 2x2 piece, get to bottom of map to collect it.
bubble Water Drop (1hp) [14] Bubble 8, 20 Clear piece underneath it to collect it.
bubble dispenser Bubble dispenser (1hp) BubbleDispenser 18, 21 Static piece that spawns bubbles anywhere on the board when hit.
bubble dispenser Bubble dispenser (1hp) BubbleDispenser3x3 15, 18, 21 Spawns bubbles in a circle around it.
blocker Rocks (1-5hp) [41] Rock 8, 21, 22 Static blocker without gravity.
endless Flower Bee (1hp) [9] EndlessCollectorPiece 8, 18, 21, 22 Does not disappear from map but spawns collectgoals when hit.
BlockerWithGravityColored Colored Potted Plant (1-3hp) [16] ColoredBlockerWithGravity 1-6, 8, 15, 21, 22 Match with same color to collect it.
BlockerWithGravity2Hp Chestnut (2hp) [50] BlockerWithGravity2Hp 8, 15, 21, 22 Like dandelion but with 2hp.
endless Weeds (1hp) [5] SpreadingBlocker 8, 15, 21, 22 Spreads to nearest basic piece if not attacked in previous round.
coloredblocker Mushroom (1hp) [46] ColoredBlocker 1-6, 8, 21, 22 Static blocker with color, match same color to collect.
hardblockerwithgravity Snail Shell (1hp) [22] HardBlocker 8, 15, 22 Only possible to remove with power pieces.
megahardblocker Picnic basket (3hp) [22] MegaHardBlocker 8, 15, 22 2x2 blocker, only possible to remove with power pieces.
cage Bird net (1hp) [17] Cage 8, 21, 22 Covers a board piece, attack with same kind of piece to remove it.
megablocker Bush With Lights (1-10hp) [10] MegaBlocker MegaBlockerPiece 8, 21, 22 2x2 static blocker with up to 10hp.
NaN Teleport [28] Teleport - No good way to represent it, basically leads to random board state.
BlockerWithGravityColorable Butterfly (1+1hp) [8] BlockerWithGravityColorable 1-6, 8, 15, 19, 21, 22 First takes on color of first attack, then becomes a standard colored blocker with 1hp.
MegaMultiColoredBlocker Garden Gnomes (1-10hp) [7] MegaMultiColoredBlocker 1-6, 8, 21, 22 2x2 colored blocker with up to ten pieces in the box.
sunflower3 Sunflower (3hp) [43] LayerCake 8, 15, 21, 22 Blocker with gravity and 3hp.
consecutiveblockerwithgravity Polaroid (2hp) ConsecutiveBlockerWithGravity 8, 15, 17, 21, 22 Regenerates 1 hp per round if not attacked, requiring two consecutive hits to remove.
consecutiveblockernogravity Treasure chest (2hp) ConsecutiveBlocker 8, 17, 21, 22 Same as above, but static (no gravity).
goldnugget Gold Nugget (1hp) GoldNugget 8, 21, 22 Gold nugget is hidden in rocks, making it impossible for players to know which rocks to hit. Changes between games.
ContiguousBlocker Light Chain (1hp) ContiguousBlocker 8, 21, 22 Chain of lights where each light needs to be destroyed before the chain disappears.
switchcollactable Blooming Flower (1hp) SwitchCollectable 8, 21, 22 The flower can only be collected when active (typically 2 turns). Typically has a max number of active flowers on the board at a time.
spacerocket Space Rocket (1hp) SpaceRocket 1-6, 19, 20, 26 /td> 2x1/1x2 rocket that requires to be filled before it can be launched.